The passing gust whispers your name,

the crashing waves chants our tale,

in the light of the fading sun

your perfection comes alive

a hundred times over, a million times too real.

every touch, every breath, every glance 

has come down to this.

Baby, I shiver 

your name a prayer on my lips.

The chills of the darkening eve

caresses my uncovered skin,

touching the untouchable

the coveted masterpiece finally revealed.

I relish in your heat

as your expert body

navigates my virgin curves,

an inferno building within me

threatening to consume me.

your taunting pull

ravishing my transitional core 

with each thrust you borrow deeper

and I sip hatter for the first time,

wrapped around you, lost in heaven,

your name a chant, a prayer, a cry,

and finally a sigh, erupting from my lips.

My tight taunt body

relaxes itself, lithe and warm

leaving behind the inexperience of a girl

and embracing the salacious next phase.



Scars on my hands
Slashes across my face
Healing wounds on my wrists
I look a full blown mess
I sit under the gushing shower
With my face in my hands
Head bent, knees close
Wishing upon wish
That I could disappear
And never face the world
Memories race
One over another
Giving me not a moment to hitch
A second to breathe
When my worlds clashed
I hung on
When the sun disappeared
I never gave up
But now when most is alright
And the storms have passed
I cannot but sit
And relish in the joy
The memories I pushed away
The pain I immunized myself against
Are finally catching up
Finally consuming me
I wish this exhaustion to pass
I wish I could smile
But what is a smile but an upturned frown
I wish my tears would dry
I wish the pain would slip
I wish you were here
So my world would right itself


My bubble

I wish I didn’t exit
Not for a moment have the temptation
Not Wish for a second that I could go back
I wish I was in my bubble forever
No distractions, no memories
No sound of your voice
Your face just a hazy cloud
I wish I were all alone
Lost in a world
that had nothing to remind me of you
Drunk in eternal bliss
Then I would survive this worthless life
I take a day at a time
A breath at a time
I try to lock myself up in my bubble
But the black hearted Aphrodite
Of temptation ruins the effort
And then I spiral back back to inferno
I momentarily escaped
And die a silent death each second
As memories of us slash past my vision